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Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 05:45
Happy Birthday To Me!!!
Went for food tasting at Hotel ehem ehem. Kawan2 sila jgn disclose ok? Tetibe ade pulak birthday cake... Before that mase kat umah dpt surprise gift ordered all the way from Germany... I asked for fresh flowers and a teddy bear.. thank you sayang... xnak dah brg2... u dah bg banyak dah before nih.... pastue kat hotel ehem lak dpt agik a few gifts from aunty yatie, aunty jan and my wedding planner... thanks guys! yg x best nye... pagi2 kat campus on my way to meet my advisor, burung jahat berak kene tudung dgn baju :-( .... mase mlm besday tue lak... azreen telah menyanyikan lagu besday dlm email (camne tue ek? ahahha)... pastue hani dgn pipah called then nyanyi lagu besday... nurin msg kat ym.. zila sms... nazira sms... pastue ade la kwn2 lain gak... pastue ckp tepon dgn kerol 2 jam lebey hahahah.....

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